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Data Export short vs/expanded version

Jon Gray — Oct 20, 2016 02:40PM MDT

Example: the Volusion export short has a field "Options Cloned From". This sounds like it would save a lot of time. I don't know how it works though.

The expanded version has a field that has "Selected Option ID's". This would appear to accomplish similarly if one was to know the option numbers.

A summary of what the export headings expect, and what they do would be very helpful - no can find.

What does the "Auto Dropship" column do?
Can I put my "Orderfinishednote" as a smart header?

1 Community Answers

Charles - Oct 21, 2016 at 03:05PM MDT

Doba Agent

These are fields in your Volusion website. Refer to your website’s import manual or support for details on their import field descriptions and purposes.

Please note that the 80+ partner formats listed in our Data Export tool were designed with Doba and our partners specific to each of their proprietary formats to also upload multiple products to their websites with enough information with less issues and generally would not have all the “bells and whistles” if you were to manually list on their website.

Also note that we do not provide support for modifications to the Doba formats and uploading these modified files to your personal website as your website is just one of 100s of websites that you can sell our products on and each have their own unique import policy. Each format may also have their own proprietary methods to edit data files uploaded to their programs.

In general, for those websites that offer an import feature, each has their own unique format to import such as we may have a Price field and your website may call it something different such as Selling Price and require the field to be called as such.

Some websites may also require the fields to be in a certain order such as the title first followed by the description, price, etc. so that when the data file is imported into your website, the correct information is imported into the correct fields.

Some fields are Boolean fields (true/false) designed for other purposes.

Your website may not use all the fields we have in our product catalog. Also Doba may not use all the fields/columns listed in your website’s official import data file format.

You would need to contact your website support to see if and how our data file would need to be edited to your website’s import format such as in a spreadsheet program before the data file is allowed to be imported to your website. Refer to your website’s import manual or support for details on their import fields descriptions and purposes.

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