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E retailer

Ahmad Hawkins — Oct 09, 2016 01:51PM MDT

I am building my e retail store on shopify .Can I upload my inventory to my shopify E retail store

1 Community Answers

Ash - Oct 12, 2016 at 09:04AM MDT

Doba Agent

The Data Export tool can download multiple product information into a spreadsheet data file. You can use the data file to compare products, speed up the copy and paste process to manually list on your personal website, or upload to your personal website if they offer an import feature. You can download the Data Export file has a CSV spreadsheet file (ascii delimited) to upload the information onto your website if your website offers an import feature.

We offer about 80+ partner carts in our Data Export tool even though there are 100s of websites that offer an import feature. The Shopify format in available in the Pro package membership.

For those sitebuilders that offer an import feature but does not have their cart listed in our Data Export tool, you can select the default Product Comma Delimited format and modify it in a spreadsheet program such as Excel to your website proprietary format to import properly.

However we do not provide support for editing or uploading the information to your personal website as your website is just one of 100s of websites that you can sell our products on and each have their own import policy. And each spreadsheet has their own proprietary methods to edit data files in their programs.

For those websites that offer an import feature, each has their own unique format to import such as we may have a Price field and your website may call it something different such as Selling Price and require the field to be called as such. Some site builders may also require the fields to be in a certain order such as the title first, then description, price, etc. And your site builder may not use all the fields we have. You would need to contact your website support to see if and how our data file would need to be edited to your website’s format in a spreadsheet program before the data file is allowed to be imported to your website.

We have a Data Export tool tutorial under the Help and Support link at the top of our webpages and then Tutorials that explains the use of the tool and how to download the CSV file.

Once downloaded and found on your computer, the data file would need to be edited first in a spreadsheet program such as Excel to your website proprietary import format before upload.

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