eBay File Exchange Common Errors

eBay File Exchange Common Errors
The most common error with the eBay File Exchange is the category ID is either missing or it is incorrect due to eBay updating their category ID’s. As you can see from the image below all the category ID’s in column ‘B’ are missing. The following steps will show you how to correct that. This process will show you how to find the most up to date category ID’s

Step 1:
You first will need to get a list of the eBay category ID’s. They can be found here:
Step 2:
Now we will go and find the category ID for each of the items that are missing. For example, we will find the ID for the “Novel Square Coffee Table” as show in the image below.

Step 3:
Select the proper category; in this case it would be “Home & Garden”

Step 4:
Find the specific categories for this item. In this case it would be Furniture > Tables.

Step 5:
Put the number that coordinates with your Category in column ‘B’. In this case the number for “Tables” is 38204. Repeat steps 3&4 for any items that are giving you errors when trying to upload to eBay.

Mac and Linux users need to make sure that the export file is in CRLF format before uploading to eBay for file to be processed. 


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