Order API Methods


The Doba Order API allows you to utilize the Doba supply chain platform programmatically within your own application. The API includes functions to lookup shipping and handling charges, submit orders, fund orders, obtain shipment information for orders when they ship.

Order API

Allows for the submittal of orders to the Doba platform as well as the retrieval of current order status and shipping/tracking data.
Orders submitted via the API can be funded through the API using several different payment methods. Current order status can be called at any time although status updates can be provided in real-time through callback's.

orderLookup - Order API Method

Retrieves the fully-loaded, checkout totals for the specified item_id's.
This call should be used to determine the total cost of all items so that it can be shown to the end-customer before the order is submitted.

createOrder - Order API Method

Creates an order from the specified item_id's.
Each item will be verified for stock. If an item is not available, the response will include that information.
If the item_id requested is not available for purchase the response will include the following error:
Error 400: The quantity specified of the specified item is not currently available. JV-I-166[#3340105] has 0 instock

fundOrder - Order API Method

Funds a previously created order currently in the "Awaiting Payment" state.

getOrders - Order API Method

Retrieves current order information and status, not including tracking information, for specified orders or orders in a specific order status. If no orders or other criteria is provided the response will include all available orders. If you are not specifying a particular parameter, do not include it in the request as the API will return unexpected results.

getOrderDetail - Order API Method

Retrieves current order information and status, including tracking information if available, for specified orders or orders in a specific order status. The available order statuses are: Error - Contact Support, Awaiting Payment, Funded, Shipped, Payment Declined, Processing, Hold - Input Needed, Backorder, Shipment Pending, Awaiting Payment Confirmation, Awaiting Supplier Cancel, Cancelled, Fraudulent Order, Returned, Completed, and Awaiting Supplier Acceptance.



orderLookup_01.php orderLookup_01.php
orderLookup_02.php orderLookup_02.php
orderLookup_03.php orderLookup_03.php
createOrder_01.php createOrder_01.php
createOrder_02.php createOrder_02.php
createOrder_03.php createOrder_03.php
fundOrder_03.php fundOrder_03.php
fundOrder_02.php fundOrder_02.php
fundOrder_01.php fundOrder_01.php
getOrders_01.php getOrders_01.php
getOrders_02.php getOrders_02.php
getOrders_03.php getOrders_03.php
getOrderDetail_01.php getOrderDetail_01.php
getOrderDetail_03.php getOrderDetail_03.php
getOrderDetail_02.php getOrderDetail_02.php

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