Product API Methods


The Doba Product API allows you to utilize the Doba supply chain platform programmatically within your own application. The API includes functions to search or browse the Doba product catalog, and obtain detailed product information.

Product API

Allows for the retrieval of on-demand and up-to-the-minute product data from the Doba platform. When downloading more than 10,000 products, we recommend using either the FTP or the Data Export system. Downloading large data sets via the API can take long periods of time, and flat files are often easier to work with when dealing with large sets of data.

geSuppliers Product API Method

Retrieves a list of suppliers that the merchant or retailer has access to. This is helpful if getting started to initially get an array of supplier_ids. You can also get specific details about the supplier such as the return policies and processing times.

searchCatalog Product API Method

Searches and retrieves product information based on custom criteria. The searchCatalog method can be used to build a replica of the Doba category structure. First, call the function with no parameters and the returned data will contain the top level category structure. From there you can specify the category_id on subsequent calls to obtain the sub-categories. A maximum of 500 items can be returned via searchCatalog. Also, if no option arguments are provided, the response will not include product data. It will only include the filter information along with the top-level category structure.

getProductDetail Product API Method

Retrieves detailed product information for the products, items, watchlists, or folder ids requested. Items located in subdirectories are not returned. This only retrieves data for one option at a time, preference given in this order: products - items - lists.

getProductInventory Product API Method

Retrieves current inventory information for the requested products. Run inventory updates on-the-fly or arrays of item ids or inventory lists on scheduled times as needed.

getListsSummary Product API Method

Retrieves a summary of inventory lists currently saved within a merchant or retailer’s account. Inventory lists can be created and managed at

editList Product API Method

Adds or removes items from a specified inventory list. There can be only one API call per action, meaning that if a retailer wants to add and remove products from a inventory list, one API call should be issued for adding products and another API call should be issued for the removal. New inventory lists can be created using this method. To create a new inventory list, simply include all of the item_id's you wish to add to the new inventory list, or the saved_search_id's, and provide a inventory list_name, but do not specify the inventory list_id or inventory list_ids. If inventory list_id or inventory list_ids is specified it will search the inventory lists for the inventory list_id and attempt to update it. If none is provided, it will create a new inventory list.


getSuppliers_01.php getSuppliers_01.php
getSuppliers_02.php getSuppliers_02.php
getSuppliers_03.php getSuppliers_03.php
searchCatalog_01.php searchCatalog_01.php
searchCatalog_02.php searchCatalog_02.php
searchCatalog_03.php searchCatalog_03.php
getProductDetail_01.php getProductDetail_01.php
getProductDetail_02.php getProductDetail_02.php
getProductDetail_03.php getProductDetail_03.php
getProductInventory_03.php getProductInventory_03.php
getProductInventory_02.php getProductInventory_02.php
getProductInventory_01.php getProductInventory_01.php
getListsSummary.php getListsSummary.php
editList_03.php editList_03.php
editList_01.php editList_01.php
editList_02.php editList_02.php

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