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Understanding Doba Vocabulary- Doba Acronyms and Definitions

Home Tab Doba Trends: This is where our team lets you know about the recent trends we are seeing in the catalog. These are Suppliers and products that are moving quickly or are offering good profit margin....

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How to enable inventory list notification

How to enable inventory list notification Use the My Inventory Notifications to notify you of inventory changes such as when an item is out of stock, discontinued or below a certain inventory level. Click o...

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eBay Export Steps

For help exporting to eBay from Doba please download the Doba eBay Exporting Guide.

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Finding "My Inventory"

If you are wanting to find your Inventory, please follow the steps below; 1: Please log into your account. 2: Please go to the tab that says " My Inventory" 3: All of your Inventory will be located o...

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