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Enterprise FAQ's

Enterprise User Interface (UI)

1. Enterprise UI - Answers What is Doba Enterprise? Doba Enterprise is a membership for retailers and businesses that need more features than Doba’s standard accounts offer. Features include unlimited inv...

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Enterprise Retailer API

Enterprise Retailer API - Answers 1-What does API stand for? API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a set of functions, methods, and protocols for building an application that communicates wi...

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Sandbox UI

What is a sandbox environment? A sandbox is a testing environment. You can use features and test out code without interference or disrupting processes in a “live” environment. As it is a controlled environment...

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Sandbox Retailer API

Sandbox Retailer API - Answers What is the Sandbox Retailer API? When you are ready to begin development you will be provided with account information for use in the sandbox environment as well as in the ...

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FTP: File Transfer Protocol

FTP - Answers What does FTP mean? FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is, in essence, a website requiring credentials that allows you to transfer files. Generally FTPs don’t look like much more than...

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Miscellaneous FAQ's

Miscellaneous What is the relationship between products and items? Although synonyms, “products” and “items” have unique definitions and relationship for Doba. Products and items have a parent-child relat...

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Inventory and Supplier Feeds

Inventory and Supplier Feeds How often is inventory updated? Inventory is updated on the supplier basis. You can see the average time between updates by suppliers on each suppliers’ Scorecard: As the i...

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Create a DLL from a WSDL

If you are planning on developing in .NET with SOAP the example provided in the API Documentation, you will be required to build two (2) DLL files, as you see below. What is not explained very clearly is that ...

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Dob Pre Pay steps

To set up your doba prepay account you'll need to visit and enter your EIN/Tax ID number. You'll then have access to where ...

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