Understanding Doba Vocabulary- Doba Acronyms and Definitions

Home Tab

Doba Trends: This is where our team lets you know about the recent trends we are seeing in the catalog. These are Suppliers and products that are moving quickly or are offering good profit margin.
Deals: These are specific products with great deals.
Featured Suppliers: These are new suppliers or suppliers are offering deals on their products.
Doba Updates: The Doba updates are very important to be checking often. The Doba catalog is always changing and updating. Suppliers are removed. Selling platforms like eBay and Amazon will change their policies and it will affect retailers. Weather can cause shipping delays for certain areas of the country and can change your shipping times. Things like this are going to happen and we want you to be aware of it. So anytime we have an update we will let you know here in the update section.
Suppliers Tab
The Suppliers tab is where you will find information on all the Doba suppliers.

Featured Suppliers: These are new suppliers or suppliers offering deals on their products.
Suppliers: All of Doba’s current suppliers listed alphabetically.
# of SKUS:  This is the number overall number of products the supplier offers.
Fulfillment % (MTD) - The percentage rate that a supplier is keeping to their stated processing time and policies. We want to make sure our suppliers are timely and keeping all orders fulfilled. If a supplier starts to have issues we will start to negatively adjust their fulfillment %. If they drop below a certain point our team will remove them from the catalog. We understand it is important that your customer’s orders are taken care of quickly.
Shipping Origin- Our suppliers store, warehouse, and ship Doba products from warehouses all over the world. Some products may be shipped from as far away as China and will have extended shipping times. Please make sure you are aware of a products’ shipping origin for a better understanding of your products ship time.
Product Information
When looking into a products’ information, it is important to understand and read through thoroughly.

A.Manufacturer: The maker of the product.
B.Then the title of the product: This can be edited or changed, but will include highlighted information of the product.
C.MSRP or the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price: This is the top price the Manufacturer believes the product can be sold for.
D.MAP: Minimum Advertised Price: The lowest price that you can advertise the product for. If you list a product below MAP, this could potentially lead to your selling platform and Doba terminating contracts and penalizing your accounts.
E. The Doba Supplier: You can click on the supplier name to link you to more of the supplier’s information and the option to browse their other products.
F. SKU: The ID number the supplier uses to identify the product in their warehouses.
G. Last Changed/Updated: The two dates are the dates the product was last updates and changed. This could be a change to the quantity, Price, or description.
H. Item ID: A Doba specific # number for the Doba catalog. When you sell a product, the best way to search your Inventory or Catalog is to use the item id #. 
I. UPC: (Not shown above) Universal Product Code. This is the code the product is registered under by the manufacturer. Selling platforms like Amazon will use this number to identify the product. Most of Doba’s supplier’s provide the UPC code, However, if it is not provided by the supplier it is up to you, the retailer to search for that information. Google is a great search engine and with a little knowledge a UPC code is very easy to find.
J. Shipping Weight: The weight of the product to ship.
K. Condition: That would be if the product is new or refurbished.
L. Available Quantity: How many items this supplier currently has available to ship out in their warehouse.
M. Out of Stock Risk. If a product is popular, the risk of the supplier running out is higher. The Pending orders are how many of these are being processed.
N. Wholesale Price: The price the supplier is charging for the single product.
O. Drop Ship Fee/ Per Order Fee: Some suppliers will charge these fees to break up cases and store those broken case lots in the warehouse. Depending on your plan level you may have an order fee. This is a fee charged per order placed.
P. You Pay Price: Green will be the total price paid for the product without shipping.
Q. Estimated Shipping Cost: The shipping cost is calculated by the supplier. Some suppliers offer free shipping, some suppliers have a fixed price per item, other have an estimated shipping cost.  *Note:To be sure of a products shipping cost, you can add the item to your shopping cart by clicking the green “Order” button. Once an item is in the shopping cart, you will see the full price you will pay for the product when checking out.
R. Description: This description is provided by the supplier. This will describe the product and it’s features. The Item may have attributes and additional details listed. 

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