Resizing Images With Pixlr Express

Here are the steps for using
Step 1: Click "Browse"

Step 2 : Select the image you want to resize and click "open" 

Step 3 : Click "Adjustment"

Step 4 : Click "Resize"

Step 5 : Click "Keep Proportions" so it is turned off as shown in the picture, change the Width and Height to 500 and click "Apply" 

Step 6 : Click "Save" 

Step 7:  Rename the photo and click "Save"

Step 8: Make sure you choose a location to save where you can easily find the photo. I would suggest the "Desktop" as shown in the photo. 



Step1.png Step1.png
Step3.png Step3.png
Step5.png Step5.png
Step6.png Step6.png
Step4.png Step4.png
Step2.png Step2.png
Step7.png Step7.png
Step8.png Step8.png

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