Tried-and-true tactics for finding the best products in the Doba marketplace

When we talk to new Doba customers, we hear a very common anxiety: “How do I sift through so many products to find the ones that will help me get some early sales?"
I am here to end your anxiety forever. While there’s no shortcut to true expertise in product research, Doba has created tools and helps within our platform to put you on the path to gaining experience and getting some quick sales.

Doba Deals

Our Marketplace team is constantly working to identify products in the Doba Marketplace with great margins across a wide variety of product niches. As a Doba customer, you will get a weekly list of some of these products via email, but you can also check them out front and center on the Catalog tab in your account.

I’m sure you’re thinking: “Everyone is going to see these products and tons of retailers are going to start selling them at the same time.” Yep. Lots of retailers will take the easy route and just dump these products into their Inventory feeds hoping to snag a few sales before the marketplaces get saturated.

You’re not going to do that. You’re going to put in some work and rise above the crowd.
Each of those highlighted products comes from a supplier who, more than likely, has other products for you to list. Click the supplier’s name on that product page and you’ll be taken to the Supplier Profile screen. Pause to check their performance on things like fulfillment rate, average time to ship, and how often th---  See the Doba Blog for the full article

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