What are your shipping rates?

The shipping charge is predetermined by the suppliers and is an estimated flat rate meaning that it is the same cost regardless where the item is shipped in the continental US.  Some of the factors that affect the shipping cost are how many times that specific item has been ordered and where it is shipped in the US. Because, all products are provided and updated by our suppliers the shipping cost may be updated as per the factors explained.

If the supplier offers a shipping calculator (Postal Code field to the right of the ship cost field and/or listed in the shopping cart) it would have a more accurate ship cost as it accounts also for the zip code+4 digit numbers. With those suppliers with a shipping calculator ... having the actual zip code+4 digit numbers would provide the actual ship cost.  Enter the zip code into the Postal Code field and click Update Postal Code or Update Shipping in checkout to view the actual ship cost. Also, our suppliers mainly use premium shipping with insurance and tracking on their orders.

Also, we do have some suppliers that offer free shipping and/or drop fee. These prices generally show as $0.00.  if a supplier shows $0.00 for ship cost but has a shipping calculator (postal code field) next to the shipping cost, this generally indicates free shipping.  Verify by entering the actual zip code in the Postal Code field and then click on Update Shipping button would show the actual ship cost. 

Here is an article that explains the different shipping types and provides a few suppliers with their shipping information.

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