How to Find Supplier Information

To find supplier information click on the suppliers tab.
The first thing you will notice when coming onto the supplier page are the featured suppliers. This section includes new suppliers as well as bestsellers etc., so this is a great place to come to look for new suppliers to better your business.

If you scroll down a bit you'll come to the directory of suppliers; it's sorted in alphabetical order so if you're looking for a particular supplier you can find them quickly.

You can find some basic supplier information here such as the suppliers name, number of SKUs or products they have, fulfillment percentages, average processing times, primary location, and the status of whether you can use their products or not.

By selecting the Suppliers name, it brings you to the supplier page.

This page includes the suppliers name as well as a brief description of who they are as a supplier and some more detailed information, such as the stated processing time; this is how much time it takes, and that the supplier has given to process an order.

Average time to ship is how long it is taking currently for the supplier to get the item shipped out, or to add tracking to the order.

Please note that when filling out information for shipping on your marketplace please use the stated processing time, not the average time to ship.

This is some information on updates, their fulfillment percentage more information on updates, as well as the shipping carriers this particular supplier uses such as USPS, UPS, Fedex, etc.

You can also view any restricted ship to states, the suppliers shipping strategy, and the supplier's primary location. Please be aware that many suppliers have restricted ship to states that usually include Alaska and Hawaii.

Doba only ships within the continental US, so don't offer to ship outside of the US at any time.

Also available here are the scorecard charts and return policy.
Every supplier has a separate return policy, if you run into an RMA situation, please check the suppliers return policy for information on how to create an RMA (AKA a return merchandise application) and how to proceed.
If you click the green browse supplier button, You can view and browse this particular supplier's catalog allowing you to view all the items this supplier has to offer.

Going back to suppliers you can also access the Simple Source directory, the Simple Source directory is another way to help you find suppliers for products you may want to sell; it's also free with a Doba membership so feel free to create a Simple Source account.

Note: Please use a different passwords for your Doba account and Simple Source accounts otherwise the two accounts will cause log in issues.

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