How to place an order?

Once you have sold an item on your website, you would place the order for the product on our website. It is best to wait until you have confirmed receiving your customer's payment. To place an order login to your Doba account at, find your item in our catalog or Inventory
, add the item to the Doba shopping cart
, add item to your Inventory if prompted, and then continue following the order instructions until submitted. You will be able to enter shipping address and payment method in the Checkout process. Note: If your shipping address is too long, you can use the “Company Name” line as additional address space.
For payment, we accept all major credit cards, PayPal (except for supplier Delta), and require a wire transfer when the order is over $2000.00.


To set up your Doba prepay account you'll need to visit and enter your EIN/Tax ID number.

You'll then have access to where you can enter your banking information to allow Doba to ACH the funds from your account as well as setting the default funding account.

Once you have successfully submitted your request for an Automated Bank Transfer, the transfer takes between 4-5 business days before the funds will be available in the Doba Prepay Account. You will receive an email notification once the transaction has been successfully processed. You may also track the status of your fund requests at any time from the prepay History page

Prepay is exactly as it sounds. By pre-populating an account with funds and paying for orders that way, Doba is not charged a merchant processing fee. This allows us to pass those savings to you at the rate of 3%.

**Please note that all billing through your Doba account at is in US dollars. Our supplier(s) would then process and ship the product(s) to your customer. We currently ONLY ship within the lower 48 continental USA states not including Alaska or Hawaii.

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