How do I upload items from my inventory to Amazon?

List Multiple Products via Upload
1.   Click on the navigation bar where it says "Data Export"

2. Click on "Create a New Saved Export" as shown below

3. In the "Name" field you want to something that is relevant to the list you will be exporting. In the "Source" field is where you will be selecting which inventory list you will be exporting. The "Format" section is where you will want to select "Amazon Inventory Loader" and select the desired mark up as well and then click "Add".

4.You will see the name of the new export added to the exports. Select the green "Download" button to download the file to your computer.

Do not open the file after you download. Leave the file unopened. If opened the file format will change and Amazon will not accept the uploaded file.
5.    You will need to now to go Amazon Seller Central (, hover over the 'INVENTORY' navigation tab. Then select, 'Add Products via Upload'.

6.    Under 'Upload File' section, select the type of file to upload. You will want to select  the 'Inventory Loader File'.

7.    Then you need to click  'Choose File', find and select the file you downloaded from Doba it should end in ".csv". Then you will just need to click the button the says "Open" as shown below

8.    Once you do all of those steps it should display like this:

9.    Click 'Upload' button. This will initiate the upload of your products to  You will receive a message that says, 'Your Inventory file has been received.'
10.    At the top of the page, you will see the 'Monitor Upload Status' section.  This will show you the status of your upload.  It may take some time to upload, depending on the size of your Product file.

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