How to upload Data Export inventory to Ebay

Here are some step-by-step instructions to list on eBay using the File Exchange program once an experienced eBay Seller.

First you will need to login to your Doba account and click on the Data Export Tab.

Once you are there you will want to select Create a new Saved Export to start a new export file.

A pop-up box will ask you to define your new Export.
First ~  Name the export in the “Name” box. This will be the name of the CSV file you download to your computer. So make sure it is something you can easily remember and find in the future. 

Second~ Select the Inventory Source: From the drop down menu select the Inventory list you are going to download..

Third ~ Select your file's Format: This is the format you are downloading the CSV file in. For example: If you are selling on eBay, You would use an eBay format. 

When finished click Add to complete creating a new export. 

You will see the name of your new export added to the exports. Select the green download button to download the CSV file to your computer.
Note:  Make sure that this file is being opened in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.


Once the file is opened in a spreadsheet program you will need to edit a few sections.

First, you will need to insert your PayPal email address in the "AB" column.

In this spreadsheet you are also able to further adjust the pricing, shipping costs, and descriptions.
Please refer to eBay’s
File Exchange Catalog Template Instructions for more information on the Template and codes.

Once all of your changes have been made you'll need to save the file in the correct format.
You will need to make sure the file is being saved as a CSV file. You can change it to a CSV file by clicking on > File > Save As > and selecting the CSV format (Mac users will save in Windows CSV format) > Save.

Now you will need to subscribe to the eBay File Exchange. This has no charge, and must be done in order to use the eBay File Exchange. You can subscribe to the file exchange at the following link.

Click on the blue "Sign Up Now" and accept the Terms and Conditions.
If you are not already logged into your eBay account, you will need to login at this point.

Once you are logged in to your eBay account, look for File Exchange Center and then click on it.

You will then need to click on > Upload Listings and Updates > upload file > and select the file that you previously edited (example file name: Export.csv). From here you can upload and wait patiently for eBay to give you further information. This may include an email stating that they are processing your upload.   

Mac and Linux users need to make sure that the export file is in CRLF format before uploading to eBay for file to be processed.

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